Choose Nonoil Hair Oils

Nano-oil hair oils were first designed so that the formula works correctly with hair of different levels of porosity (known as more and less damage to the hair structure). These not only have a lightweight method but also provide the hair from the roots all the way to the smallest details. Nano-oil hair oils have beneficial effects on the condition of the scalp. Can you imagine a better treatment?

You can also find your favorite under Nan oil’s three propositions. There is no universal treatment for her. But there are three Nonoil hair oils, which take care of the needs of the basic types.

High Porous Hair.

This type of hair has usually significantly suffered, is often dyed or bleached, and exposed to many treatments, including heat. The nose is dry, the keratin structure is damaging, and the hair has a shortage of proteins because the cuticles are wide open. As a result, the hair is extremely frizzy, fragile, and dull, has no luster, feels rough and is often cleaved with split ends. This hair is susceptible to dandruff.

The perfect composition of oils with regenerating, conditioning and protective properties will efficiently provide proper hydration, reduces irritation and strengthens damaged hair. If your hair has a high porosity, you can best choose Nonoil for big porous hair (6 natural oils and eight additional ingredients).

Low Porous Hair

Low Porous Hair, in theory, the healthiest. But the hardest to take care of. The external structure is tight, all cosmetics settle on the hair surface instead of penetrating to the inner structure, so styling them is virtually impossible. However, at the same time, it is undoubtedly comfortable to burden it with surplus cosmetics or to use the wrong one. Then the hair loses its volume; it is steep and heavy. Due to the limited air circulation at the scalp, this hair is prone to greasy roots.