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What Betrays The Age Of A Woman?

The female nature always tells us to chase a young and fresh look. Few women easily deal with the fact that they do not look as young and beautiful as they were a few years ago. They let their lips, fill cheeks and remove wrinkles. And that is all for nothing because two areas betray the exact age of a woman.

How Do You See The Age Of The Woman?


The hands of a woman are the place where you can see her real age. What is interesting is that aging processes can be seen faster on the outside of the hands than on the face. It is caused by the hypodermis, which breaks down over time, which is visible on the sides. The soft skin of the hands is prone to damage, so with age, it gets worse. Look at the hands of your grandmother.

You should, in any case, provide prophylactically for the skin on this spot to perhaps make the passage of time less visible on your hands. It is advisable to read yourself about the application of cream – in the summer with light moisturizing creams and the winter rich creams with proactive properties. You must remember that the first signs of aging on the skin of the hands are already visible when you turn 30!

Neck And Decollete

We systematically take care of our face, but often we forget the neck and decollete. Sometimes we make the neck unconsciously during the evening, but only if too much cream remained on our hands. That is a mistake, which causes us dry skin on the neck and an unaesthetic cleavage afterward. It is because the skin in these places is sensitive to damaging factors.

The first signs of aging can be seen when we see transverse wrinkles on the neck and décolleté. Those signs of aging can be prevented with significant prophylactic action. Do not forget to moisturize the skin of the neck and décolleté, because you can efficiently use the same serums and creams as for your face.